Interior Switch Lights for 850's, 940's, 960's, S90's, V90's, S70's and V70's pre-2000

Did you know that your dash switches have light bulbs in there???
If you have blown bulbs in your switches, I have reasonably price replacements. See details below.


I purchased replacement bulbs in bulk so I have plenty to go around. I went to my local dealer and they did NOT have them in stock and said that they would cost over $18 each. So I called another dealer that I knew had better prices (750 miles away) and they sold them for about $11 each. I was able to find them but had to purchase them in bulk. With very little mark up I can pass them on for $4 for the 1st one and $3 for each additional bulb or 5 for $15. You can purchase 5 bulbs from me for less than 1 from some dealers. Please pm me if you want a few, or click buy now and do the math (Free Shipping USA Only). Detailed instructions with each order.

This is what you will receive:

NOTICE: The replacement bulbs that I have appear to be exact replacements. I have them installed in my 850 and they look perfect. The bulbs DO NOT include the HOUSING, see the last 3 pictures. I heard that someone found some that work from a local electronics store but when I went there with bulb in hand, they could NOT help me. I also seen some on line at said electronic store and they were 12 volt bulbs and were not as bright (slightly dimmer, may not even notice the difference). I think running 12 volt bulbs at 14 (13+) volts could shorten their life (I think the bulbs were designed to work in some kind of train set). I have also installed them in my radio.

If you need bulb assemblies, click here for that option.

WARNING: Sad to say, but Volvo designed the INFO switch in a way that made it impossible to replace the bulb without modifying the switch housing. I had to use a grinding tool to cut away some plastic to get the bulb assembly out to replace it. So, if you would like, I can replace the bulb in that switch for you for $10. You ship the switch to me and I will modify the switch, replace the bulb, and return it to you.


INSTRUCTIONS: Instructions on how to replace the bulbs will be sent with all orders. Thanks!